Hello, I am a Digital Marketing Strategist with 7 years of experience as a freelancer, agencies and public sector employee.

My journey in brand communication began in 2009 with covering Rally Dakar competitor Ivan Jakeš. My full-time experience has started in 2017, right after completing my Marketing Management AP Degree in Copenhagen. Core skills we earned at the online agency Basta Digital. Later on, I transitioned to working independently with focus on clients in the hospitality, healthcare, and politics.

👉 For 5 years, I was an integral part of Matúš Vallo’s team, managing the Digital Communications of Bratislava city and leading Digital Communication during two municipal election campaigns.

🏅 Our communication team received a special award for contributions to Digital Marketing at the Digital Pie 2022 event.

After two successful election campaigns, I worked at the top Slovak PR agency Seesame and turned my passion for cycling into a role for the virtual cycling app ROUVY.

Now, I am the Head of Digital Communications at Progresívne Slovensko.

🧠 Additionally, I’m developing Digital Marketing Strategies and consulting Political campaigns.

🤝 Reach me out on LinkedIn or marketer@miroslavkolarik.com